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Why fix something that's not broken? The silver collector community is a vast and vibrant one, with an ever-growing and diverse membership. If you're looking to connect with fellow enthusiasts and share your passion for all things silver, you're in luck! There are a multitude of channels available to you, ranging from popular groups and forums to chat boards and social sites. Below, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular communities and resources that cater to silver collectors and hobbyists. By joining any of these groups, you'll be able to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a vast network of fellow collectors. Whether you specialize in silver bullion, jewelry, miniatures, antiques or any other kind of silver collectible, there's sure to be a group out there where you can discuss your prized possessions with like-minded individuals.

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Our silver collectors group and influencer directory, aka our "Get Social" pages, will slowly grow as we discover new sites and silver webpages. will also feature a different group, page or influencer each month.  So check back soon to see if your favorite group or collector is featured.

Facebook Groups

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Facebook groups are a great place to meet fellow silver collectors and enthusiasts.  Bond over your love for the shiny with both public and private groups.

Instragram Influencers

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Get ready for some precious metals eye candy on Instagram.  Silver collectors and artisans share pics of their collections and creations for all to envy!

Twitter Accounts

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Stay current with tweets from all the major players in the silver arena.  Follow your favorite silver influencers, investors, and fellow collectors for the latest news and insights into the world of all things silver.

Reddit Subs

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Are you ready to go ape and push silver to the moon!  Or maybe just learn a few things from an silver stacker pro.  Go ahead, join some Reddit silver lover subreddits and let the world know how much you love silver.

Websites and Forums

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Don't forget about all of the independently owned and run silver forums, message boards and blogs.  These sites are a compendium of  silver knowledge, with some posts and information dating back much further than any of the above mentioned social media sites.  Don't overlook these sites as this is where many of the lifelong dedicated stackers live and play.