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Moon Rabbit Coin on the grass with little flowers
Back of the 50 gram fine silver moon rabbit coin.  Niue

Moon Rabbit Silver Coin

Prepare to be entranced by the captivating intricacy of this exceptional coin, skillfully crafted by none other than Mint 21. The elusive Moon Rabbit, steeped in Chinese folklore dating back to the Western Han Dynasty, is brought to life in stunning detail on this masterpiece. In "Verses of the Chu", a collection of ancient poems, the legend of the Moon Rabbit is recounted. It speaks of a rabbit that inhabits the Moon Palace and diligently pounds the potion of immortality in a mortar throughout the year.

Every minute detail has been meticulously sculpted to bring forth the essence of the Moon Rabbit's tale. On both sides, the coin is carved to resemble the moon with the front showing the Moon Rabbit grinding the elixir of life in its pestle. The front is embellished with a resplendent jade cabochon insert, while the back boasts the regal portrait of the Queen and mint marks. The antique finish accentuates the natural craters and texture of the moon, as well as the rabbit and mint marks, bringing them to life.

This is truly a mesmerizing and breathtaking work of art, one that any collector would be proud to display in their collection. Don't miss the chance to own this magnificent piece of history, a stunningly beautiful collectible coin by the masterful artisans at Mint 21.

Moon Rabbit silver coin gleaming from sunshine
Moon Rabbit silver coin back of coin lit up with sunlight
Moon Rabbit silver coin by Mint 21, in the yard among succulent plants
Moon Rabbit 50 gram silver coin by Mint twenty one in the yard in the sunlight with jade insert shining.
Back of Moon rabbit coin, featuring image of the moon with the Queen and NIUE 2 Dollars
Moon Rabbit silver coin with an orchid in the background.
The side of the Moon Rabbit silver coin, with an orchid in the background.  The coin is in a collectors plastic coin capsule to preserve it.
Moon Rabbit coin in the collectible decorative box with a white orchid.
Back of the moon rabbit box.
Moon rabbit coin included display stand.